Notice board

Latest update: 2017-08-14

Last minute changes in the program:

For the purpose of consistency, no other changes in the program are planned except the ones listed here.

Cancelled oral presentations:
O5 – cancelled
O24 – cancelled
O68 – cancelled
O70 – cancelled
O72 – cancelled

Altered presenting authors:
O26 – presented by Edward Joy instead of Martin Broadly
O29 – presented by Ediu Carlos Silva Junior instead of Luiz Roberto Guimarães Guilherme
O80 – presented by Ediu Carlos Silva Junior instead of Andre Rodrigues dos Reis
O95 and O96 – presentations fused and both held by Matthew Pitts
O117 – Revised title, author list and presenting author: “Selenium metabolism in selenoprotein P and selenocysteine lyase knockout mouse models”, Lucia Seale, Herena Ha, Ashley Ogawa-Wong, Suguru Kurokawa, Ann Hashimoto, Marla Berry.

Altered Chairs:
Session 1.4(II): Chaired by Milton Ferreira de Moraes
Session 1.6(II) & 3.1: Chaired by Guilherme Lopes

Cancelled poster presentations:
P86 – cancelled
P120 – cancelled

Newly added posters
P 125: “Phytoremediation of two aquatic plants in selenium and zinc combination”, Jun Li

Other updates

Posters shall be dismounted at the end of the last poster session, i.e. around 14.30 on Wednesday, August 16.